Building a Information Technology Consultant Career

Getting involved in an IT career can be a great path in your life, And if you do it right, You can be earning alot and you can have a very successful career. I will tell you my story in the IT industry and how i managed to become a very succesful IT Consultant. I lived in Birmingham which was a great advantage to me, This was because the IT demand was alot higher in this city compared to anywhere else, So i lucky had the upper hand in the IT inudstry,

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I firstly researched about what type of IT path i wanted to get to, With so many different types of IT careers out there, It was very difficult to decide what career i wanted to focus on and succeed in. After doing lots of research i decided i wanted to go down an IT Technician side of IT. Being an IT Consultant in the Technician side of things really did get me exited, Even just thinking about it would give me goosebumps.

So i went into more debt research into this, And it looked really good, The qualifications was good, The experience would be good, And amazingly, The money would be good, So i thought this would be perfect for me, It would help my family and hoped we could live a nice and healthy life style,

So i then decided it was time to take action. I went to many colleges across my city to see what colleges did IT courses. I found one college that did an IT Technician course, Which was obviously perfect for me! So as you may already know, I applied for the course, It was a 2 year course and i was a little worried about this but i just went for it. I really enjoyed this course, And at the end, Not only did i get my deploma in IT Technician, I also made lots of new friends! And the best thing is, These new friends were people that loved IT just like me! So it was great, A month later i got a job doing IT Technician for a high school! 10 years later im still here to this day and it's the best thing iv'e ever done in my life, So if you have a passion and you really want to do something you love. Then why not go for it!