So now is the time to generate income

Here are a few ideas—all pretty standard.
1. Spring break is coming, are there any friends or family members that might need day care for spring break and possibly if needed summer child care?

2. It’s officially spring, garage sale time. I know that you have probably already sold a lot of your stuff to get to your basically debt free status, but cruise the house, the garage/outbuildings etc. every $1 you make at a garage sale is one less collections phone call, or another day with water. If you are in an area like me that a garage sale won’t work, find a friend or family member that will let you use their place.

3. Could you get a part time job? Let dh substitute teach while Mom is working outside the home.

4. How old are the kids? Are they old enough for part time jobs? It might require you to change their school hours some, but if they/or you make enough to come out ahead on the fuel to get there then every dollar counts.

5. Is there a craft or skill one of you could market? I have a friend that gives tatting lessons for a little extra income.

6. all old home school books that you won’t need in the next year, clear the book shelves (it will cost less to heat and cool the house with them gone).

7. Put in a garden, even if it is just in flower pots. Any fresh food you grow is food you don’t have to purchase.

8. This one is a biggie. Have a family meeting and be as honest as the kids age group allows. You just might be surprised how co-operative the family can be when they know the facts. They also may have a great idea to generate income.

9. Is there a home based business you can start? Start simple, word of mouth, use the materials you have on hand to do so.

10. Spring is coming, do you have a decent mower where you could mow yards? Are you good at landscaping? I know people will often pay individuals to do their planting for them.

11. Can you combine your errands with getting paid to run errands for others? Things like grocery shopping for shut ins etc.

12. I forget where you are, but if you have a way to start a lot of garden and bedding plants that you could sell at a garage sale later this year. Years ago I rooted a lot of ivy in water and sold the rooted starts like crazy at a garage sale.

That’s the 12 that come to my mind. I know others will have better ideas.

Boy I wish we’d been in such good shape when it hit us!

Yep, you are really in good shape. How big is the balance on the car note? You may need to sell the car and go with a reliable beater.
Phones? Why more than one if both of you are home and the kids are home schooled. I know that will only drop it a small bit, but bits and drebs pay the bills.
Heating bill should disappear soon, but then air conditioning season will hit soon. How long can you go without ec? Any days you can do without the furnace or the ec will help on that.
Internet—Can you go to a slower package? If he’s job hunting he NEEDS the internet, you too, but a slower package might be the ticket now.
Car insurance, what is your deductible? Can you raise it to lower the cost? I take it that is a monthly payment, since you have a car note I’m gathering it’s the required full coverage. You can’t be without insurance.
How is your water and trash calculated? I know when we were in town ours was based on our water usage, so if we cut the water usage the sewer/trash bill went down. If this is so with you, cut your usage as low as you can.
IRS—oh don’t Mickey Mouse with those folks at all!!! Pay them upfront asap.
Gas—yep you can cut that a bunch, we did and I know you can too. Only leave the house for job interviews and maybe once a week for all required errands, then plan those errands in a precise route with only right turns (UPS went to a right turn only policy and saved millions a year, because you seldom have to idle and wait for traffic with a right turn—less idle, less fuel used). Combine job interviews with errand day for the week.
I don’t want to be a biddy, but darling you have zero listed for groceries, last time I checked munchkins need to be fed. Even if you have massive food storage there are still things like milk that we all tend to buy.
So basically what you have here is the 4 walls, IRS and the car payment. You have to do something about the car payment $400 per month is ¼ of your UI, is that car really worth ¼ of your income?
You definitely, as DR says, have an income problem.

Can your DH do any temporary work in the meantime?

1.Call your car loan company and asked for a skip payment. I’ve done this twice on DH’s car. I did it once on my car, but the credit union said it was a one-time thing. Dh’s car can be skipped once per year. That will save you $390. They just tack an extra payment to the end of the loan.
2.Car insurance on one car is $130 a month? Ours is only $86. Maybe that is high?
3.Are you under contract on the phones? Can you turn off texting/data? I know it’s a pain, but you can always turn it on next month if he gets a job.
4.Call the IRS and tell them you are unemployed and can you get a skip payment or temporary reduction?
Delivering pizza, temp agencies, sell stuff on craigslist? See if your church has a hardship fund. Maybe they will help you pay your electric bill this month?

I read, but never post on here

Since I can related to what you are going through I thought I would suggest a couple of things that I did recently to help us out when my work hours were slashed. The 1st thing I did was look around for better insurance rates. I found a great deal that saved me over $80 a month. Next I called my internet provider (AT&T) and told them I was looking for a better deal. Turned out I got a home phone put in and a high speed U-verse modem through a deal for $26 a month. On top of that they gave me a $100 debit card to cover installation. I was paying $40 a month just for internet and no home phone thru them. Just some ideas. Hope they help.

Sigh. Ok, I am freaking out

First, I really didn’t realize how much our actual outgo each month is. Then nearly two months without unemployment (UI) coming in has really hit us hard. That’s finally started (thank you all for the prayers), but being without it has really really eroded how much we have left in the bank.

I think I mentioned that UI falls a little short of rent, but basically rent is covered. We don’t qualify for TANF.

That leaves us $1500 A MONTH in other stuff that needs to get paid with no source of income. Other than the car, debt payments only come to $130. It just kills me that if I stop paying those too, that I will start racking up $35 a month each, in late charges.

Car payment $390
Phones $80
Electric $80 (just got it reduced)
Heating $70 (just got it reduced)
Internet $67
Car insurance $130
Water & trash $80 (they won’t budge, worse, if I don’t pay “on time” my rates double within 2 weeks, then we get shut off)
IRS $30

Gas for the car, I can probably bring that down to about $200 a month (currently $400), if I cut out basically everything (with gas prices at $4+ gallon, it’s $75 just to fill the tank.)

So my point is, with about $1600 left in the bank, and no job in sight, what would you suggest I do? Pay everything in April, and then I’m really hosed come May? I am loath to mess with the car payment, we really basically only have 1 car, the one DH had been driving to work was barely roadworthy (like, I’m thankful it has lasted as long as it has). I just reduced our phones in half, so there are no options there. Could we live without internet? Probably not, given DH is unemployed and we homeschool…our library only allows you one hour a day, yes, he could take the laptop to Starbucks or McDonalds for 4 hours a day, and it may come to that.

Oh. I have $1900 in money orders on hand. I took two months of rent out a few weeks ago (this months and next months) because I didn’t want to get behind on that. Now that UI is coming in, I could put that money back in the bank so to speak, and pay bills with that. So if I pay everything as normal, we’d get through the end of May, but then we are really, really, out of money other than UI.

Ideas welcomed 🙂

Just exactly what did the HR woman say?

Did she say ssn or did she say credit report? You can check your ssn info online. So check that yourself tonight.

Call me a nervous Nellie, but if it’s SSN, then I’d be concerned as to WHO is using my number. In this day and age of identity theft, especially for illegal aliens, people using another person’s ss number is very common. If it were me I’d be on the ss site immediately to check my number and compare where and when you were employed with your own work history.

As a twice married woman

I have tons of variations come up w/ my SSN and the SSA. All that I’ve ever seen were explainable. If yours are mis-spellings, IMO, I wouldn’t worry about them as long as your report at the SSA site shows your proper name and payroll info for you. What matters is the name that the SSA has for you.
Now, my dh seems to have a real problem. His name is Arthur William Lastname. He has always gone by Will, but his birth certificate and passport say Arthur William Lastname. All our bank accounts say Arthur William Lastname.
Back in the dark ages, when he needed a SS card for work at age 16, for whatever reason, he applied for and has his SSN in the name William Lastname. Every job he’s had as an adult reported his income with the proper SSN and Arthur William Lastname. As we get closer to retirement (still over 10 years, but getting closer), we wonder if this will be a problem. He attempted to correct it about 10 years ago, but was stymied when the SSA clerks told him he needed proof that he ever went by William Lastname. Well, he has no such proof because he hasn’t used that name in 40 years (if he ever did as a teenager). I’m hoping that either a. It won’t matter or b. The SSA will accept his passport as proof of his correct name and SSN (aw heck, passport doesn’t have SSN on it). Well… hmmm… I know the passport application had the SSN on it… I tell him that he’s going to have to legally change his name to William Lastname then change it back to make the SSA do the right thing.

I am not sure if this applies the same way or not

but my son is a LEO and when he pulls a person by birthdate or SSN, it will list random folks that have lived at that address prior, have owned a used car before you did, even someone who has dated your child.. the misspelling are usually not a big deal in the LEO world… not sure about any other world

Oddness with SSN…?

The HR lady for the new job said that my SSN came up with several names associated with it, and asked if I’ve had that happen before.
At first I thought it was due to a typo on her form, but she had the correct number. So I checked my credit reports from TransUnion and Experian. There aren’t any extra accounts on either report, but Experian has a couple of misspellings of my name. I don’t know if *that’s* what the HR lady meant – she didn’t respond yet to my inquiry on what names were showing up. But do I really need to worry about a misspelling?

Actually I’m trying to keep BB very firmly in mind right now

Sharon raised a great point, one that we should all take note of, that this is a prime time for folks to do really stupid financial things (and or be taken advantage of). Bereavement makes us think we can go do wild things “because who cares in the face of what’s just happened?!?!?” Last time my parents lost a close friend like this (my godfather and uncle) they went out and bought a new set of furniture for their living room. Seriously. So I’m clutching the purse strings even tighter than usual right now. Mom is already harping on me that a day’s visit won’t be enough, an overnight won’t be enough, heck a whole week won’t be enough “to really do justice to celebrating Joanne’s life and catching up with all these people”. Oh, yippee. Let the guilt games begin. And we have our hog sale coming up in less than two weeks, with new orders from new customers coming in. If we screw THAT up because of all this hoopla, that’s thousands of dollars of sales, plus tens of thousands of dollars of future sales, out the window. So BB is even more front-and-center right now than ever. If I have to be Spock for the next week, so be it. I won’t let an event like this, sad as it is, to drag down worthwhile long-term plans. No matter who’s throwing the temper tantrum. I’ll mourn. But I’m not going to go broke just to show how upset I am. BB himself (or you fine folks) would fly/drive out here and smack me around for doing so. And with good reason.

My sympathies to you through your loss

Have you done name your own price on Priceline for a ticket?
I’m leery of recommending asking the airline for bereavement fares, that’s code for charging you more than necessary.

I am so sorry for your loss

I know how important she was to you. Both my parents died young as a result of smoking. I understand how you feel about cigarettes.
Finances are not your main concern right now, but have you spoken to the airlines? Some, will sometimes offer a discount for such emergencies. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

This week was just that a series of reality checks

Not all were financial, but some were MAJOR ones. Here’s the run down.

1. As you already know, mud wrestling a goose can get you a mouthful of “mud” just asked ds.

2. If you live in Oklahoma the weather can go from nearly needing the air conditioner to freeze warnings and snow in just a few hours. See our weather map for this last week. The snow was Sunday. I’m now very glad I hadn’t already done my spring planting.

3. It must be time to get the walkers and electric wheel chair we own out of storage, because we learned from watching a dvr of American Idol that one of our favorite songs by the Beatles is 46 years old!!! How can that be? We remember when they first started, we aren’t that old are we?

4. Dh HAD new camper fever, right up until he priced USED ones that were smaller than the paid for one we already have and discovered they were over $40,000 with less storage and amenities than we already have. He’s now looking up how to do the few repairs ours needs himself. LOL!

5. Not everything is straightened out with dh/ds paychecks yet. Let’s just say I’ve been budgeting for certain hours, and those hours aren’t showing up on the paycheck. Dh is going straight to the owner today and by passing the comptroller.

6. Dh is so ready for retirement that he’s looking around for things to sell—AGAIN—fine by me.

7. Free two weeks with is up, I found a LOT of info. Now to try and activate some other free ancestry discs I have.

8. #1 reality check, we are so blessed with all we have, look at the tent city video I posted earlier and you can see why I am counting my blessings that we were lucky enough to get on the DR plan when we did to avoid being homeless.

Lucky you

heard a man raving about the GF rotisserie and have never seen one new or used. Am keeping an eye out. We use the grill all the time. I also had several bread makers I found at yard sales, most I gave to the kids. I’d just give it another try at writing to corporate, somehow they’ve dropped the ball on this but I’ve had really good luck with just mild complaints with most companies. Have a belgian waffle maker that has been great, never sticks unlike the larger type.

If it were me I’d not put much more time into it, frankly

This is only because here, in FL, used bread machines are a dime a dozen and you can find, nice clean ones for a $5 price. In this case, my time would be worth more so that’s what I would do here. Having said that, I’ve no idea what the used market offers in your neck of the woods, though, so deep at it if there’s not another alternative.

I have many, many used kitchen appliances that’d I’d never give up and my personal rule is never more than $5. I have a spiffy waffle iron, full-sized, with plates that lift out (yay) and make clean up a breeze, as well as becoming a griddle (or Panini maker). I have the best $1 citrus juicer ever made, a George Foreman rotisserie (brand new) that I’ve fallen in love with, George Foreman mid-sized grill with with cleaning paddles and drip pans, and my own little guilty please, an Xpress Redi-Set-Go. Some came with manuals, some didn’t, but I always find a free copy online which is fine for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m very tenacious when I feel the situation calls for it (spent 3 days this week fighting the fact a bldg. supply store, after assuring me they could input a Mastercard E-gift card I had, couldn’t. (I’d been placing an order online and wanted a half dozen cement blocks but seems they didn’t have them online or in store according to their website, so called for a sku number because, of course, they have them…was talked into coming in, instead.)

Anyway, no one knew how to do it and, after 3 hours, I was in so much pain (health issues), I went home in tears. Emailed the company I got my E-gift card from (won it on a website) and after two emails stating it could not be used at a store, sent one more email, none too nice. I absolutely know it can be done online. (The in-store attempt was not my bailiwick and I didn’t think it could be done there.) Got a call from a rep who said that, yes, it absolutely could be done online as she, herself, had won one from the same source and that she, too, used it at that store.

Conclusion was to go the issuer’s website and check out the activity on that card. This was done the following morning and I found the original attempt had locked the funds, while the balance had been denied due to lack of funds out of the gate. Wouldn’t have worked anyway IF funds had been available, as it’d have to be done online, which is what I had always thought. Whew.

Back to store to discuss with manager the fact his store locked my funds but gave me nada. He promptly put in the info on his end to unlock the funds and for the 4 hours I’d spent at the store, simply gave me the $88 worth of items I’d been after. That, I considered a win. Told me when the funds were unlocked early next week to have fun with the gift card as I’d certainly earned it. Woohoo!

So, the moral of this missive is, if you can afford to replace it with a used one inexpensively or if a friend has one they no longer use, consider that route as your time is valuable (on a farm, it MUST be!). Otherwise, stay on the company.

Oh, here’s another idea (might have missed it in prior responses). Go to the mfg’s facebook page (if they have one) and succinctly explain your situation. When push came to shove, I found this has always netted me the desired response. I do tend to mention that I’ve put in x number of hours going through proper channels and I will just find a competitor’s product with more timely customer service. Also that I’ll be sure to share my experiences via my blogs, groups and facebook contacts. That seems to always scare them into fixing things IMMEDIATELY. Honestly, I give them a fair shake before I go that route, but my time is worth something, to be sure.

If you decide to call the manufacturer directly make sure get the following info:

1) Name of person to whom you are talking

2) His/her employee number. This helps identify who you have talked to when you get moved up the food chain.

3) His/her extention number in case you forget something and want to talk to him/her again

4) Date and time of call

This provides a paper trail of your own of who you have talked to. Of course, for the item in question you have to decide if all of this is worth it.

I would see if you can CALL the manufacturer directly

Sometimes emails get lost, deleted, directed to the wrong department. If there is no manufacturer listing try to google and see if you can find one. If that fails, mail the company directly, And keep all records of correspondence too. If all that fails and you get no where, email or write to the CEO. That usually works.

So I’m curious

The hyperlink provided (thanks for that, BTW), says you can’t be sued for a debt that old….but are they allowed to still call and try to collect on it?

I’m just wondering because, gosh, it’s probably been 6 or 7+ years ago that DH had knee surgery. Way back after they had gotten paid by the insurance company, we got two bills from the surgery center (it was outpatient) for 2 different doctors for the same surgery. They never would provide proof that there was more than 1 doctor (other than the anesthesiologist) involved in the surgery so we refused to pay it. I’d like to try online payday loans maybe someone know something about service? Every once in a while I’ll get something from them, or we’d dispute it on our credit report (back when I cared) and they’ll provide to the CRA’s the same “bill” we are disputing, etc etc.

I would contact the manufacturer direct

because that is a manufacturer warranty due to the fairly new age of the machine. I’d be polite in my email and state that you feel they are being poorly represented by this third party because it is after all the manufacturer they are representing them. In other words go up the food chain. You won’t be out anything, because it takes very little time to send an email, and they need to know how they are being misrepresented by this third party.
It would not hurt to put in your email somewhere that until the paddle broke how extremely pleased you were with their product, but the inability of not being able to use it at this point is starting to put a bad taste in your mouth. Sugar and vinegar at once so to speak. I have often found it is better to go directly to the manufacturer than mess with the middle guy.

I would pursue my email inquiries a few more times

perhaps you have a different e-mail address to start a discussion again with the third party again, just to see/confirm they are still in business and still handling such affairs. Then I would call and talk with someone about what is going on, and your request to handle this matter sooner rather than later.
Is there somewhere you can buy just the paddle? I wouldn’t buy another machine brand new. What about looking in a thrift store for the machine where it might be worth it to buy for the paddle.

I have an annoying little situation here

which it occurred to me folks on the list might have some suggestions. It’s not DR, per se, but it is mildly financial and I’m not sure what to do next. So here goes.

We bought a bread machine in May of last year. In February of this year, the bread machine’s paddle broke. It was still well under warranty (1 year from date of purchase), and I had the receipt. I found the manufacturer’s customer service department online, and submitted a form from their website stating that the paddle had broken, it was under warranty and I wanted a replacement paddle. Not the whole machine, mind you, just the paddle. I was pleasantly surprised to get an answer back within 48hrs, asking for some codes from the machine serial number plate, and from the receipt. I emailed them within 24 hours with that information. I got back a reply within 48hrs of that, saying yes it’s still under warranty, thanks for the information, they’ll be happy to send a new paddle, I could expect to see it within 14 days. That was in mid-February.

Two weeks came and went, and no paddle. I emailed them back, saying I hadn’t received it yet. I got a reply within 48hrs again, saying there had been a problem at the distribution center, it would go out within just a few more days, and here’s the address they have on file for me. It was the wrong address. I emailed them back saying thanks for the reply, but the address is incorrect, minor typo, here’s the correct address. They emailed back that same day, saying thanks for the correction, they’ll get it sent to the corrected/verified address, thanks for my patience. That was three weeks ago.

So a week ago I emailed them back AGAIN, saying I still hadn’t received the paddle, it’s now been over a month since I first reported the problem AND since they had verified that the machine was under warranty and that a new paddle was forthcoming. But now I’m not getting an answer.

The machine in question was less than $100. My customer service inquiries have all come from and gone to some third-party company that apparently does customer service for multiple brands. So I’m not sure now where the problem is – the original manufacturer, the customer service company, or the distribution center (if that even exists as opposed to being some fictitious and convenient scapegoat). I don’t have contact information other than the email that I’ve had going back and forth and now they’re not replying to that any more. I’m debating with myself whether this is worth pursuing (principle of the thing) vs the real-world hassle factor involved, and perhaps I should just go out and buy a new machine. I was thinking to file a complaint but I don’t really know who to file a complaint with, or even who to file the complaint against.

I have my budget

menu and grocery shopping list done. I have a better idea of what I want to do with my investments thanks to Kimberly loaning me some books. I purchased DH a nice used power chair for 98% off retail. We have designed a ramp and front porch for it. We are saving cash for that too. I am trying to come up with frugal house remodeling ideas. So far no real good ideas there. I stink at that type thing. Especially since most stuff DH can’t help with. I would love any blog or tip ideas. I want to stay on budget with that and of course pay cash. We have been saving cash for season passes to a local theme park. Living like no one else is fun!

There was never a contract to begin with, nothing in writing

There was never a leinholder on the title. We bought the truck, it was an all cash transaction so when we registered it, it and the title are in mine and my husband’s names. FIL said for us to pay him what we could when we could. We have paid him monthly through our credit unions bill pay service or via personal check. I have copies of the personal checks (when presented at the bank for payment). I could keep records of the bill pay ones too. I also have a balance sheet staying what days I paid him and how.

To my knowledge neither of his brothers know about the loan. They know we had one, but I don’t think they knew their dad was who held it.

I don’t want to be a nay sayer, but based on my own personal experience I have to ask

Are there other “heirs” to what will eventually be his estate? Has the title been previously transferred? Is it clear of liens?
Now why I ask. In 1999 my dfil died. Dh had previously been told that when he died his pick-up and fifth wheel would be dh’s inheritance. Dmil agreed to it and all four kids knew it. Only THE sil decided otherwise and kept sneaking on our property to take the truck, that she some how had a key to. When we’d complain the remark was made that dmil was still on the title.
Dmil kept dragging her feet on turning the two over. She was hurting financially so we offered to pay for the two. We drew up a contract for $18,000 (dh really wanted these items) plus interest and paid her monthly until it was paid in full. There was never a lien put on the two and the titles were transferred the day we drew up the contract. NOW, THE sil is claiming we stole the truck and fifth wheel and gave dmil zero dollars. She threatened us with court action (note this is 14 years later), not directly but through social media and various friends and family members. She KNOWS of the contract—she has a copy of it, she also knows we have all our cancelled checks, but she continues.
You never think a family member would behave in such a manner, until it happens. A text will not hold up in a court of law if someone decides to get stinky. So I must ask, for your protection, is there any paper trail of this loan? If so PLEASE get a notarized paper stating it’s paid in full before you have the hassle we are having.