Actually I’m trying to keep BB very firmly in mind right now

Sharon raised a great point, one that we should all take note of, that this is a prime time for folks to do really stupid financial things (and or be taken advantage of). Bereavement makes us think we can go do wild things “because who cares in the face of what’s just happened?!?!?” Last time my parents lost a close friend like this (my godfather and uncle) they went out and bought a new set of furniture for their living room. Seriously. So I’m clutching the purse strings even tighter than usual right now. Mom is already harping on me that a day’s visit won’t be enough, an overnight won’t be enough, heck a whole week won’t be enough “to really do justice to celebrating Joanne’s life and catching up with all these people”. Oh, yippee. Let the guilt games begin. And we have our hog sale coming up in less than two weeks, with new orders from new customers coming in. If we screw THAT up because of all this hoopla, that’s thousands of dollars of sales, plus tens of thousands of dollars of future sales, out the window. So BB is even more front-and-center right now than ever. If I have to be Spock for the next week, so be it. I won’t let an event like this, sad as it is, to drag down worthwhile long-term plans. No matter who’s throwing the temper tantrum. I’ll mourn. But I’m not going to go broke just to show how upset I am. BB himself (or you fine folks) would fly/drive out here and smack me around for doing so. And with good reason.

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