As a twice married woman

I have tons of variations come up w/ my SSN and the SSA. All that I’ve ever seen were explainable. If yours are mis-spellings, IMO, I wouldn’t worry about them as long as your report at the SSA site shows your proper name and payroll info for you. What matters is the name that the SSA has for you.
Now, my dh seems to have a real problem. His name is Arthur William Lastname. He has always gone by Will, but his birth certificate and passport say Arthur William Lastname. All our bank accounts say Arthur William Lastname.
Back in the dark ages, when he needed a SS card for work at age 16, for whatever reason, he applied for and has his SSN in the name William Lastname. Every job he’s had as an adult reported his income with the proper SSN and Arthur William Lastname. As we get closer to retirement (still over 10 years, but getting closer), we wonder if this will be a problem. He attempted to correct it about 10 years ago, but was stymied when the SSA clerks told him he needed proof that he ever went by William Lastname. Well, he has no such proof because he hasn’t used that name in 40 years (if he ever did as a teenager). I’m hoping that either a. It won’t matter or b. The SSA will accept his passport as proof of his correct name and SSN (aw heck, passport doesn’t have SSN on it). Well… hmmm… I know the passport application had the SSN on it… I tell him that he’s going to have to legally change his name to William Lastname then change it back to make the SSA do the right thing.

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