Boy I wish we’d been in such good shape when it hit us!

Yep, you are really in good shape. How big is the balance on the car note? You may need to sell the car and go with a reliable beater.
Phones? Why more than one if both of you are home and the kids are home schooled. I know that will only drop it a small bit, but bits and drebs pay the bills.
Heating bill should disappear soon, but then air conditioning season will hit soon. How long can you go without ec? Any days you can do without the furnace or the ec will help on that.
Internet—Can you go to a slower package? If he’s job hunting he NEEDS the internet, you too, but a slower package might be the ticket now.
Car insurance, what is your deductible? Can you raise it to lower the cost? I take it that is a monthly payment, since you have a car note I’m gathering it’s the required full coverage. You can’t be without insurance.
How is your water and trash calculated? I know when we were in town ours was based on our water usage, so if we cut the water usage the sewer/trash bill went down. If this is so with you, cut your usage as low as you can.
IRS—oh don’t Mickey Mouse with those folks at all!!! Pay them upfront asap.
Gas—yep you can cut that a bunch, we did and I know you can too. Only leave the house for job interviews and maybe once a week for all required errands, then plan those errands in a precise route with only right turns (UPS went to a right turn only policy and saved millions a year, because you seldom have to idle and wait for traffic with a right turn—less idle, less fuel used). Combine job interviews with errand day for the week.
I don’t want to be a biddy, but darling you have zero listed for groceries, last time I checked munchkins need to be fed. Even if you have massive food storage there are still things like milk that we all tend to buy.
So basically what you have here is the 4 walls, IRS and the car payment. You have to do something about the car payment $400 per month is ¼ of your UI, is that car really worth ¼ of your income?
You definitely, as DR says, have an income problem.

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