Can your DH do any temporary work in the meantime?

1.Call your car loan company and asked for a skip payment. I’ve done this twice on DH’s car. I did it once on my car, but the credit union said it was a one-time thing. Dh’s car can be skipped once per year. That will save you $390. They just tack an extra payment to the end of the loan.
2.Car insurance on one car is $130 a month? Ours is only $86. Maybe that is high?
3.Are you under contract on the phones? Can you turn off texting/data? I know it’s a pain, but you can always turn it on next month if he gets a job.
4.Call the IRS and tell them you are unemployed and can you get a skip payment or temporary reduction?
Delivering pizza, temp agencies, sell stuff on craigslist? See if your church has a hardship fund. Maybe they will help you pay your electric bill this month?

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