I don’t want to be a nay sayer, but based on my own personal experience I have to ask

Are there other “heirs” to what will eventually be his estate? Has the title been previously transferred? Is it clear of liens?
Now why I ask. In 1999 my dfil died. Dh had previously been told that when he died his pick-up and fifth wheel would be dh’s inheritance. Dmil agreed to it and all four kids knew it. Only THE sil decided otherwise and kept sneaking on our property to take the truck, that she some how had a key to. When we’d complain the remark was made that dmil was still on the title.
Dmil kept dragging her feet on turning the two over. She was hurting financially so we offered to pay for the two. We drew up a contract for $18,000 (dh really wanted these items) plus interest and paid her monthly until it was paid in full. There was never a lien put on the two and the titles were transferred the day we drew up the contract. NOW, THE sil is claiming we stole the truck and fifth wheel and gave dmil zero dollars. She threatened us with court action (note this is 14 years later), not directly but through social media and various friends and family members. She KNOWS of the contract—she has a copy of it, she also knows we have all our cancelled checks, but she continues.
You never think a family member would behave in such a manner, until it happens. A text will not hold up in a court of law if someone decides to get stinky. So I must ask, for your protection, is there any paper trail of this loan? If so PLEASE get a notarized paper stating it’s paid in full before you have the hassle we are having.

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