If it were me I’d not put much more time into it, frankly

This is only because here, in FL, used bread machines are a dime a dozen and you can find, nice clean ones for a $5 price. In this case, my time would be worth more so that’s what I would do here. Having said that, I’ve no idea what the used market offers in your neck of the woods, though, so deep at it if there’s not another alternative.

I have many, many used kitchen appliances that’d I’d never give up and my personal rule is never more than $5. I have a spiffy waffle iron, full-sized, with plates that lift out (yay) and make clean up a breeze, as well as becoming a griddle (or Panini maker). I have the best $1 citrus juicer ever made, a George Foreman rotisserie (brand new) that I’ve fallen in love with, George Foreman mid-sized grill with with cleaning paddles and drip pans, and my own little guilty please, an Xpress Redi-Set-Go. Some came with manuals, some didn’t, but I always find a free copy online which is fine for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m very tenacious when I feel the situation calls for it (spent 3 days this week fighting the fact a bldg. supply store, after assuring me they could input a Mastercard E-gift card I had, couldn’t. (I’d been placing an order online and wanted a half dozen cement blocks but seems they didn’t have them online or in store according to their website, so called for a sku number because, of course, they have them…was talked into coming in, instead.)

Anyway, no one knew how to do it and, after 3 hours, I was in so much pain (health issues), I went home in tears. Emailed the company I got my E-gift card from (won it on a website) and after two emails stating it could not be used at a store, sent one more email, none too nice. I absolutely know it can be done online. (The in-store attempt was not my bailiwick and I didn’t think it could be done there.) Got a call from a rep who said that, yes, it absolutely could be done online as she, herself, had won one from the same source and that she, too, used it at that store.

Conclusion was to go the issuer’s website and check out the activity on that card. This was done the following morning and I found the original attempt had locked the funds, while the balance had been denied due to lack of funds out of the gate. Wouldn’t have worked anyway IF funds had been available, as it’d have to be done online, which is what I had always thought. Whew.

Back to store to discuss with manager the fact his store locked my funds but gave me nada. He promptly put in the info on his end to unlock the funds and for the 4 hours I’d spent at the store, simply gave me the $88 worth of items I’d been after. That, I considered a win. Told me when the funds were unlocked early next week to have fun with the gift card as I’d certainly earned it. Woohoo!

So, the moral of this missive is, if you can afford to replace it with a used one inexpensively or if a friend has one they no longer use, consider that route as your time is valuable (on a farm, it MUST be!). Otherwise, stay on the company.

Oh, here’s another idea (might have missed it in prior responses). Go to the mfg’s facebook page (if they have one) and succinctly explain your situation. When push came to shove, I found this has always netted me the desired response. I do tend to mention that I’ve put in x number of hours going through proper channels and I will just find a competitor’s product with more timely customer service. Also that I’ll be sure to share my experiences via my blogs, groups and facebook contacts. That seems to always scare them into fixing things IMMEDIATELY. Honestly, I give them a fair shake before I go that route, but my time is worth something, to be sure.

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