Sigh. Ok, I am freaking out

First, I really didn’t realize how much our actual outgo each month is. Then nearly two months without unemployment (UI) coming in has really hit us hard. That’s finally started (thank you all for the prayers), but being without it has really really eroded how much we have left in the bank.

I think I mentioned that UI falls a little short of rent, but basically rent is covered. We don’t qualify for TANF.

That leaves us $1500 A MONTH in other stuff that needs to get paid with no source of income. Other than the car, debt payments only come to $130. It just kills me that if I stop paying those too, that I will start racking up $35 a month each, in late charges.

Car payment $390
Phones $80
Electric $80 (just got it reduced)
Heating $70 (just got it reduced)
Internet $67
Car insurance $130
Water & trash $80 (they won’t budge, worse, if I don’t pay “on time” my rates double within 2 weeks, then we get shut off)
IRS $30

Gas for the car, I can probably bring that down to about $200 a month (currently $400), if I cut out basically everything (with gas prices at $4+ gallon, it’s $75 just to fill the tank.)

So my point is, with about $1600 left in the bank, and no job in sight, what would you suggest I do? Pay everything in April, and then I’m really hosed come May? I am loath to mess with the car payment, we really basically only have 1 car, the one DH had been driving to work was barely roadworthy (like, I’m thankful it has lasted as long as it has). I just reduced our phones in half, so there are no options there. Could we live without internet? Probably not, given DH is unemployed and we homeschool…our library only allows you one hour a day, yes, he could take the laptop to Starbucks or McDonalds for 4 hours a day, and it may come to that.

Oh. I have $1900 in money orders on hand. I took two months of rent out a few weeks ago (this months and next months) because I didn’t want to get behind on that. Now that UI is coming in, I could put that money back in the bank so to speak, and pay bills with that. So if I pay everything as normal, we’d get through the end of May, but then we are really, really, out of money other than UI.

Ideas welcomed 🙂

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