So I’m curious

The hyperlink provided (thanks for that, BTW), says you can’t be sued for a debt that old….but are they allowed to still call and try to collect on it?

I’m just wondering because, gosh, it’s probably been 6 or 7+ years ago that DH had knee surgery. Way back after they had gotten paid by the insurance company, we got two bills from the surgery center (it was outpatient) for 2 different doctors for the same surgery. They never would provide proof that there was more than 1 doctor (other than the anesthesiologist) involved in the surgery so we refused to pay it. I’d like to try online payday loans maybe someone know something about service? Every once in a while I’ll get something from them, or we’d dispute it on our credit report (back when I cared) and they’ll provide to the CRA’s the same “bill” we are disputing, etc etc.

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