So now is the time to generate income

Here are a few ideas—all pretty standard.
1. Spring break is coming, are there any friends or family members that might need day care for spring break and possibly if needed summer child care?

2. It’s officially spring, garage sale time. I know that you have probably already sold a lot of your stuff to get to your basically debt free status, but cruise the house, the garage/outbuildings etc. every $1 you make at a garage sale is one less collections phone call, or another day with water. If you are in an area like me that a garage sale won’t work, find a friend or family member that will let you use their place.

3. Could you get a part time job? Let dh substitute teach while Mom is working outside the home.

4. How old are the kids? Are they old enough for part time jobs? It might require you to change their school hours some, but if they/or you make enough to come out ahead on the fuel to get there then every dollar counts.

5. Is there a craft or skill one of you could market? I have a friend that gives tatting lessons for a little extra income.

6. all old home school books that you won’t need in the next year, clear the book shelves (it will cost less to heat and cool the house with them gone).

7. Put in a garden, even if it is just in flower pots. Any fresh food you grow is food you don’t have to purchase.

8. This one is a biggie. Have a family meeting and be as honest as the kids age group allows. You just might be surprised how co-operative the family can be when they know the facts. They also may have a great idea to generate income.

9. Is there a home based business you can start? Start simple, word of mouth, use the materials you have on hand to do so.

10. Spring is coming, do you have a decent mower where you could mow yards? Are you good at landscaping? I know people will often pay individuals to do their planting for them.

11. Can you combine your errands with getting paid to run errands for others? Things like grocery shopping for shut ins etc.

12. I forget where you are, but if you have a way to start a lot of garden and bedding plants that you could sell at a garage sale later this year. Years ago I rooted a lot of ivy in water and sold the rooted starts like crazy at a garage sale.

That’s the 12 that come to my mind. I know others will have better ideas.

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