This week was just that a series of reality checks

Not all were financial, but some were MAJOR ones. Here’s the run down.

1. As you already know, mud wrestling a goose can get you a mouthful of “mud” just asked ds.

2. If you live in Oklahoma the weather can go from nearly needing the air conditioner to freeze warnings and snow in just a few hours. See our weather map for this last week. The snow was Sunday. I’m now very glad I hadn’t already done my spring planting.

3. It must be time to get the walkers and electric wheel chair we own out of storage, because we learned from watching a dvr of American Idol that one of our favorite songs by the Beatles is 46 years old!!! How can that be? We remember when they first started, we aren’t that old are we?

4. Dh HAD new camper fever, right up until he priced USED ones that were smaller than the paid for one we already have and discovered they were over $40,000 with less storage and amenities than we already have. He’s now looking up how to do the few repairs ours needs himself. LOL!

5. Not everything is straightened out with dh/ds paychecks yet. Let’s just say I’ve been budgeting for certain hours, and those hours aren’t showing up on the paycheck. Dh is going straight to the owner today and by passing the comptroller.

6. Dh is so ready for retirement that he’s looking around for things to sell—AGAIN—fine by me.

7. Free two weeks with is up, I found a LOT of info. Now to try and activate some other free ancestry discs I have.

8. #1 reality check, we are so blessed with all we have, look at the tent city video I posted earlier and you can see why I am counting my blessings that we were lucky enough to get on the DR plan when we did to avoid being homeless.

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